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10 Totally Free Things to Do in Lake Guntersville with Kids This Summer

10 Totally Free Things to Do in Lake Guntersville with Kids This Summer

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Summer break can be hard on a parent’s wallet, especially when you’re trying to figure out a way to keep the kids entertained and off devices. Here are 10 totally free things to do in Lake Guntersville that won’t break the bank! I suggest bookmarking it for easy access when you need it most. You can also get free event ideas every day of every week inside our Event Calendar as well as our 2024 Summer Activity Guide for Families!

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Totally Free Summer Fun in Lake Guntersville

1.) Loiter at the Library

Seriously. The librarians love it! They WANT you to come hang out in the air-conditioning, reading books and participating in all the great free Summer Reading Programs they host. There are storytimes, animal shows, puppets, live music, and SO much more!  Check out our list of  Summer Storytime schedule.

2.) Make a Splash at the Splash Pads

There are so many free pop-jet fountains to splash in now: Boaz City Splash Pad at Old Mill Park and Scottsboro Splash Pad are just a few. Slather up the kids in sunscreen and have some fun in the sun! Get our list of area Splash Pads

3.) Play Around at The Makers Child Playground

This premiere all-inclusive playground is directly across from the Albertville Public Library at Albertville First Baptist Church. Open 7 days a week from sunrise to sunset, the playground offers accessible restrooms and a pavilion with picnic tables. With 10,350 square feet of artificial turf and exceeding ADA requirements, it’s perfect for all kids!

4.) Take a Hike

Not to brag or anything but we have some pretty amazing hiking trails around here. Surrounding yourself with the great outdoors is a fantastic way to spend your summer.

5.) Travel Back in Time at the Guntersville Museum and Cultural Center

Guntersville Museum and Cultural Center boasts an impressive collection of artifacts and exhibitsthat tell the story of the local area. (Plus an afternoon in the A/C isn’t so bad!)

6.) Go Hunting for Art

Lake Guntersville is not only about life on the water, but is an area full of creative artists with fun murals spread throughout for us to discover and enjoy. Whether you are brand new to the city or have never branched out, this tour of local murals can help you discover the unique and creative side of the city while having fun with your family. How many can you find together? Get started here!

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7.) Challenge the Fam to Some Disc Golf

Disc Golf is a perfect summer favorite past time– it’s is fun, played outside, great light exercise, and provides the perfect opportunity to spend quality time with older kids, one-on-one or with a group. It’s easy to learn and Arab City Park is a great place to play.

8.) Explore Lake Guntersville State Park

Where can you find an overlook, multi-use trails, geocaching, bird watching, fishing, a beach complex AND fun events all in one place? Lake Guntersville State Park, that’s where! Once you’re done exploring, be sure and check out the amazing other state parks too!

9.) Take a Stroll Around City Harbor

Want to spend a day at the lake with all the comfort of entertainment, shopping and restaurants nearby? City Harbor was made for summer fun! (and fun the rest of the year, who are we kidding?) Don’t miss the awesome summer events like Hydrofest and Rock the Dock!

10.) Pet All the Animals at the Zoo

Got your attention with that headline, huh? Check out the Rock Zoo, the roadside “zoo” features dozens of animals painted on boulders that kids can touch. The Rock Zoo started back in the 70s and still just as charming. Guaranteed to put a smile on your kiddo’s face. (and yours too!)

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